Spectrum PET CF15


Very strong and rigid

PET CF15 is a black through-dyed material based on polyethylene terephthalate. It is the easiest-to-print material filled with carbon fibre on the market. It presents no retraction issues and does not require a heating chamber. It demonstrates a perfect surface finish directly from the printer, thus reducing the need for further treatments. It may undergo additional treatment to improve its mechanical properties. It is compatible with support materials such as HIPS. PET CF15 can be used to print very strong and rigid items. It features a low impact of moisture and temperature on dimensions. In addition, parts made of this material may undergo annealing to obtain better mechanical properties.
Key features:

• low processing (linear) shrinkage of 0.1 %
• a very wide temperature range for prolonged operation as well as a very high temperature up to 125°C for short-time operation
• a relatively high resistance to thermal ageing
• high temperature and abrasion resistance
• easy separation of the object from the bed
• high mechanical strength
• chemical resistance to lubricants and oils
• a wide range of applications
• very robust lamination of layers
• good tribological properties, including dry friction conditions such as in slide bearings

• automotive industry
• components of textile
• office machines
• precision apparatus
• engineering
• end-use parts
• tooling
• functional prototyping

Filament diameter: 1.75mm / 2.85mm
Density: 1.40 g/cm3
Nozzle temperature: 220-240°C
Bed temperature: 40-60°C
Printing speed: 30-80mm/s
Heated chamber: recommended
Verify your spool option: YES

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