Spectrum Filaments WOOD

Natural wood 3D printing

Spectrum WOOD is a material designed for 3D printing based on pure PLA blended with natural wood particles. WODD filament is a 100% organic and biodegradable product. Besides the visual aspects which imitate the appearance of wood, items manufactured of this material have a structure resembling the one of chipboards. The material has a unique quality: not only does it looks like wood but it also feels like genuine wood, because of natural wood content in the composition. You may varnish finished prints and conduct mechanical treatments. Another distinctive feature is the specific smell of wood exuded during the additive manufacturing process using this material.

Because the product contains natural wood, each batch may slightly differ in color, as in nature.

Key features:
• made of biodegradable raw materials
• allows for printing with the 0.4mm printing nozzle
• natural wood content
• perfect side surface of prints
• very good thermal insulation properties
• appearance of wood after printing
• allows for grinding and varnishing
• typical smell and appearance of wooden chipboards

• manufacturing items which provide both good thermal insulation and very high moisture resistance
• educational projects
• interior design
• advertising materials
• decorative art

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  • Spectrum Filaments WOOD 1.75mm WOOD Natural 1kg

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  • Spectrum Filaments WOOD 1.75mm EBONY BLACK 1kg

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  • Spectrum Filaments WOOD 1.75mm OAK 1kg

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  • Spectrum Filaments WOOD 1.75mm EBONY BLACK 0.5kg

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Viser alle 4 resultater