Spectrum PETG/PTFE TRAFFIC RED 1kg 1.75mm RAL 3028

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PETG with tribological properties

The popularisation of 3D technology and the increase in specific expectations regarding the functionality of prints brings the need to develop increasingly specialised materials. Analysing the needs of the market and repeated requests from customers, we decided to supplement our range with PETG material with tribological properties.

We present Spectrum PETG/PTFE copolymer for use in sliding elements and gears. As the basis for the material, we used PETG, well-known for its excellent mechanical properties, supplemented by adding 10% PTFE, commonly known as Teflon, with self-lubricating properties. Thanks to the meticulous selection of components while reducing the coefficient of friction, the filament retains the ease of printing, interlayer adhesion, impact strength and thermal properties typical of PETG.

Spectrum PETG/PTFE will find use in printed components subject to increased wear from friction and operating temperatures of up to 70°C. The filament is available in a wide range of colours.

Spectrum PETG/PTFE TRAFFIC RED Advantages

  • 10% PTFE content
  • reduced coefficient of friction in comparison to conventional PETG
  • thermal resistance up to 70°C
  • ease of printing
  • good chemical resistance
  • perfect bonding of the layers


  • functional prototypes,
  • manufacturing low friction parts
  • manufacturing low-load gears and transmission elements
  • end-use parts

Farve: BLUE
RAL: 5012
Diameter: 1,75 mm
Dimensionstolerance: ± 0,03 mm
Anbefalet print temperatur: 230-255 ° C
Opvarmet emneplade: 60-80 ° C
Nettovægt: 1000 g
Samlet vægt: 1400 g
Spoledimensioner: udvendig diameter – 20 cm, indvendig diameter. 5,2 cm, bredde. 6,7cm

Spectrum Filaments er produceret i Europa.

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