Spectrum Filaments PLA Special Stone Age Light 0.5kg 1.75mm

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Spectrum Filaments PLA Special Stone Age Light 0.5kg

Get the unique stone look

The filaments Spectrum Stone is a series of PLA-based plastics with admixtures to obtain an imitation of “stony” structure of printed items. The Stone type filament, manufactured in two shades (Stone Age Light and Stone Age Dark) demonstrates excellent masking of layers, while printed items feel rough resembling real stone. The admixtures do not affect much the properties of printed items. A major aspect is the use of printing nozzles with diameters of 0.4mm or more.

Spectrum Filaments PLA Special Stone Age Light 0.5kg

Key features:

  • not abrasive
  • beautiful, aesthetic imitation of stone
  • high durability
  • shrinkage-free printing
  • rough surface
  • excellent layer lamination
  • mechanical properties of items close to those of PLA without admixtures


  • decorative art
  • Colour architecture
  • mock-ups
  • concept and demo prototyping of designed finished and semi-finished products
  • interior design


Filament is reeled on the neat, transparent spool. Each spool contains information on the type of material, diameter and recommended printing temperature. Filament is vacuum-packed with a moisture absorber. Whole product packed in the original, folied Spectrum Filaments packaging.

Dimensional tolerance:
± 0.05mm
Printing temperature:
recommended > 0.4mm nozzle
Heated bed:
not needed
Total weight:
Spool dimensions:
external diameter – 20cm, internal diameter – 5,2cm, width 5,2cm

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