Spectrum Filaments Nylon PA6 Low Warp GF30 500g

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Spectrum Filaments Nylon PA6 Low Warp GF30 500g

Heat-stabilised 30% glass fibre reinforced copolyamide

Spectrum PA6 Low Warp GF30™ is another in our range of composite materials based on technical nylon 6. This time we opted for glass fibre filling, which is finding great success when used as an additive to modify the properties of plastics. The use of this type of filler is typically applied to increase mechanical refinement in terms of tensile and compressive strength.

When were trying to choose the ingredients for the composite, we wanted to bring out the full potential of glass fibres as a performance-enhancing additive, which is why we decided to go for an uncompromised blend with up to 30% glass firbe content. Much like with just about any type of polymer-glass composites, we used a functionalised version of the fibres with a less aggressive geometry, reducing degradation of the printer nozzle.

Spectrum PA6 Low Warp GF30™ is a filament for users who are most concerned with high mechanical performance, high hardness and heat resistance from their models. With the high glass fibre content, this is a filament with very low processing shrinkage. What’s interesting, when it comes to thermal resistance, Spectrum PA6 Low Warp GF30™ filament is not inferior to the HDT – 180°C (0.45MPa) properties of the version with carbon fibre filling, which places it in the top-tier materials dedicated to desktop 3D printers in this respect.

SSpectrum Filaments Nylon PA6 Low Warp GF30 500g Technical data:

  • Material:PA6
  • Available diameter:1.75 [mm]
  • Diameter tolerance:+/- 0.03 [mm]
  • Density:1.34 g/cm3
  • Thermal resistance:HDT B – 180°C
  • Surface finish:semi-matte, rough
  • Verify your spool:YES (course of diameter online graph – on the entire length of the spool, mean diameter, ovality, standard deviation individually for each manufactured spool)

Spectrum Filaments Nylon PA6 Low Warp GF30 500g how to use 

  • Nozzle temperature:250-280°C
  • Bed temperature:<80°C
  • Recommended printing speed:30-70 mm/s
  • Recommended shell thickness:0.50 – 3.00 mm
  • Recommended layer height:≥ 0.20mm
  • Cooling:0-30%
  • Closed chamber for printing:recommended for larger prints
  • Dry box recommended:yes
  • Ruby or hardened nozzle recommended:yes
  • Adhesive:not necessary (for increased adhesion or to prevent warping: Magigoo PA)

Spectrum Filaments Nylon PA6 Low Warp GF30 500g Material characteristics

  • 30% glass fibres
  • high mechanical properties and abrasion resistance
  • excellent chemical resistance
  • HDT thermal resistance – 180°C (0.45MPa)
  • printable on desktop devices without a heated chamber
  • matt, carbonised print surface
  • perfect bonding of the layers

Spectrum Filaments Nylon PA6 Low Warp GF30 500g Applications

  • functional prototype,
  • production tooling
  • working components of tools and machinery – rotors, gears
  • guides, gear racks, guide rollers
  • manufaturing protective rings and plates with increased chemical and corrosion resistance

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