LDO Orbiter V2.0 Dual Drive Direct Extruder

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LDO Orbiter V2.0 Dual Drive Direct Extruder.

One of the most expected project of 2021, theOrbiter v2.0 High precision direct drive extruder, using custom manufactured by LDO Motors.

This is our finest direct drive extruder system, in which we have integrated all what we learned about extruders in the past years.



1. Shorter drive gears 11mm vs 15mm.

2. Hardened filament drive gears manufactured by Bondtech.

3. Weight reduced to ~135 grams.

4. Smaller more compact dimensions (11.6% shorter).

5. New motor design offers ~40% increase, in pushing force in real printing conditions and much improved acceleration performance.

6. Flipped drive gears – filament path closer to the extruder center for a more balanced design and perfect fit on delta printers as well.

7. Stainless steel filament exit guide, with 0.2-0.3mm clearance, to drive gears for best TPU printing experience, and extreme wear resistance, when using abrasive filaments..

8. High temperature resistant injected housings, GPA12.

9. Machined PEEK secondary drive gear.

10. Tension mechanism with grab screw design (Captive Grab Screw).

11. Mounting screws in line with filament exit path – improving housing stiffness and easier mounting.

12. Perfectly aligned filament path.

13. New smaller and better PTFE input coupler.

14. Motor position rotated by additional 10 degrees for easier maintenance and assembly.

15. Filament sensor add on, with auto load and unload button add on feature.

16. And many more small changes, to improve mechanical accuracy and design look.

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