Dual Z Axis / Z Akse Upgrade Kit til eks. Ender 3

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Upgrade 3D printers such as creality 3D Ender3 series to dual z-axis to improve printer stability.

After the upgrade of dual Z axis, the x-axis rises steadily and runs smoothly, which completely avoids the bottom consumables stacking pressure, reduces the lamination caused by z-axis vibration, and greatly reduces the leveling difficulty and leveling times.

Use original T8 precision screw rod, it runs smoothly. All aluminum coupling and original 42 stepper motor are used, stable operation.
No need to weld or replace the motherboard, directly insert the one to two motor wire into the motherboard.

Compared with the upgraded double Z kit sold on the market, this kit contains a power fixed module, which no longer allows the power supply to be scattered freely to avoid electric shock and short circuit.


  • 1 x 42-34 Stepper motor
  • 2 x Lead screw bearing guide
  • 2 x Power supply holder
  • 1 x  Coupler
  • 1 x Z axis lead screw bracket
  • 1 x Dual z stepper cable
  • 1 X Zaxis motor bracket with screw and t-nuts
  • 1 x 365 T8 Lead Screw
  • 1 x Tool set and screws
  • 1 x User manual


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