Aprintapro buildplate adhesive for PLA, PET-G & FLEX

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Aprintapro buildplate adhesive

This adhesive is optimised to work with PLA, PET-G and Flexible materials. It has an operation temperature starting at 40°C up to 75°C

Buildplate adhesive for PLA, PET-G & FLEX is a water-based powerful adhesive for FDM 3D printer to eliminate warping. Due to the thermal shrinking and internal stress during cool down the 3D printed part can lift off the build plate. An appropriate buildplate adhesive secures the first layer of the print to the build plate.

for securing a 3D print to the build plate
Only apply on a clean and cold glass build plate. Release liquid by pressing against the build plate and distribute in circular motions. Apply thin even layer for best results. Let dry during the heat-up process. To remove resiude, use warm water.

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