Spectrum Filaments PLA PRO SILVER STAR – 1kg 1.75mm

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Spectrum Filaments PLA PRO SILVER STAR

Filament Spectrum PLA Pro was manufactured using raw materials developed for 3D printing.

PLA Pro combines two desired features: ease of printing as with normal PLA material while maintaining properties comparable to ABS. Filament Spectrum PLA Pro, after printing, exhibits almost 50% higher impact strength than ABS material. Therefore, when printing from Spectrum PLA Pro, we avoid any difficulties such as: shrinkage or unpleasant odors occurring when printing with ABS.

PLA Pro material is also characterized by an increased flow index.

Spectrum Filaments PLA PRO SILVER STAR advantages:

  • a good alternative to styrene-based materials
  • printing possible without hot pad
  • easy separation of the object from the table
  • high strenghtness comparable to ABS
  • no shrinkage after cooling
  • not flammable
  • ideal side surface of printouts

Post annealing

Filament Spectrum PLA Pro can be treated at high temperature using a heating chamber. After the crystallization of the printout, the model is characterized by increased thermal resistance and almost twice higher resistance than ABS.

The general guideline concerning crystallization process can be found at the top of the page before the product description.

RAL: 9007
Diameter: 1,75 mm
Dimensionstolerance: ± 0,05 mm
Anbefalet print temperatur: 185-230 ° C
Opvarmet emneplade: 0-45 ° C
Nettovægt: 1000 g
Samlet vægt: 1400 g
Spoledimensioner: udvendig diameter – 20 cm, indvendig diameter. 5,2 cm, bredde. 6,7cm

Spectrum Filaments er produceret i Europa.



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