Spectrum Filaments PET-G HT100 Clear 1 kg

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Spectrum Filaments PET-G HT100 Clear

PET-G HT100 is a copolyester based filament prepared for 3D printing in FFF / FDM technology. The material is intended for advanced users, who require excellent durability from printouts, when working in real conditions. PET-G HT100 does not contain styrene and is chemical resistant.

PET-G HT100 has Excellent dimension stability allows printing with accurate dimensions, which is particularly important for projects consisting of many different elements. One of the biggest advantages of PET-G HT100 is the increased temperature resistance.

PET-G HT100 advantage:

  • high temperature resistance (100°C)
  • high dimensional stability
  • high mechanical strenght
  • excellent toughness and mechanical properties
  • chemical resistance
  • styrene-free
  • FDA compliance
  • clarity & gloss
  • low odor

Spectrum Filaments PET-G HT100 Clear Applications:

  • Visual and functional prototyping
  • Tooling
  • End-use parts
  • Product testing
  • Manufacturing aids

Spectrum Filaments PET-G HT100 Clear Packaging

Filament is reeled on the neat, transparent spool. Each spool contains information on the type of material, diameter and recommended printing temperature. Filament is vacuum-packed with a moisture absorber. Instruction manual inside. Whole product packed in the original, folied Spectrum Filaments packaging.

Farve: Gennemsigtig
Diameter: 1,75 mm
Dimensionstolerance: ± 0,05 mm
Anbefalet print temperatur: 250-280 ° C
Opvarmet emneplade: 100-110 ° C
Nettovægt: 1000 g
Samlet vægt: 1400 g
Spoledimensioner: udvendig diameter – 20 cm, indvendig diameter. 5,2 cm, bredde. 6,7cm
Print hastighed: 30-70 mm/s

Spectrum Filaments er produceret i Europa.

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