Ethanol 99,9% 250ml

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Ethanol 99,9% 250ml

Ethanol 99,9% is a high purity ethanol to clean parts of the formlabs fuse 1 such as the upper laser window, the optical cassette, IR sensor and camera lens.

Ensure high detail SLS Parts.

Formlabs recommends the cleaning of the fuse 1 upper laser window after 1000 hours of use. This ensures details and features are printed as expected.

Recommended and tested quality by Formlabs

3D-Basics is the global Solvent distributer for Formlabs. Purchasing Ethanol from 3D-basics ensure maximum compatibility with Formlabs Machines. Ethanol with a purity of ≥ 99.9% is highly effective at removing stains or residue.

How to use Ethanol

Always wear Nitrile Gloves  when handling Ethanol.

For a detailed workflow on Formlabs Fuse, visit (external).

Advantages of Ethanol

  • Pure (99,9%) Ethanol for an effective streak free cleaning.
  • Regular maintenance ensures highest print quality and details
  • Spraybottle makes application on larger surfaces or cotton swabs effortless


  • Glass Surfaces
Not Compatible
  • Delicate materials/surfaces

How to store Ethanol

Ethanol is flammable and should be stored under appropriate conditions. Ensure to follow local regulations regarding quantity and storage conditions. In general Ethanol should be stored cool and dry away from sunlight, sparks and ignition sources

Disposal of Ethanol

Ethanol liquid and container need to be disposed of at an appropriate waste treatment site. Please check local regulations.


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