Arduino UNO Basic Starter Kit 79 pcs.

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Arduino UNO Basic Starter Kit 79 pcs.

Compatible with -Arduino Uno R3.
Great value starter kit with electronic components,it can almost meet all your need.
The most economical kit based on -Arduino platform to starting programming for those beginners who are interested.
This is the most complete starter kit you will find.

Component listing:
5pcs Yellow LED
5pcs Green LED
5pcs Red LED
1pcs RGB LED
1pcs Thermistor
1pcs -Tilt Switch
2pcs Photoresistor
10pcs Male-to-Male -Dupont Wire
30pcs 3 Kinds of Resistor
6pcs Button Switch
1pcs Potentiometer(10K)
1pcs Active Buzzer
1pcs Passive Buzzer
1pcs -DHT11 Humidity & Temperature Sensor
1pcs 1 digit 7-segment Display
1pcs Water Level Detection Sensor Module
1pcs Sound Sensor Module
1pcs Soil Humidity Sensor
1pcs Obstacle Avoidance Module
1pcs USB Cable
1pcs Breadboard
1pcs UNO R3 CH340

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