SUNLU 3D Filament tørrer FilaDryer S1

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SUNLU 3D Filament tørrer FilaDryer S1

The SUNLU 3D Filament tørrer FilaDryer S1 3D printing filament dryer can dry the filament during printing to improve reliability, increase the chance of a perfect print the first time and avoid problems in filament storage. 

Personalised temperature setting: set the temperature of the dry box depending on the 3D filament type, ambient temperature, humidity, etc. Adjustable temperature range: 35-55°C. Suitable for more than 20 types of materials commonly used on the market.

Personalised setting of the drying time: The default setting of continuous drying time is 6 hours, this can be set in the range of 0~24 hours. The most commonly used filaments only take 3-6 hours to dry to achieve good printing results and noticeable improvements.

Compatible with 99.99% of 3D filament coils: The maximum capacity of the SUNLU dry box is Φ210 x 85 (H) mm. Compatible with all major 3D filament brands; SUNLU, GEEETECH, ERYONE, ESUN, AMAZON BASIC etc. – Works perfectly with all standard filament diameters 1.75mm / 2.85mm / 3.00mm.

User-friendly design. The design has two wheels inside the box, which allow you to print while drying; 2-inch LCD screen to clearly monitor the current temperature or remaining time on the large display; Ultra quiet design, less than 10dB during operation, no disturbance to your life or work.

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