Bondtech Stainless Steel Heat break for Prusa Mini

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Bondtech Stainless Steel Heat break for Prusa Mini

To solve Heat-creep

This Stainless Steel heat-break made by Bondtech for the Prusa Mini addresses and solves the heat-creep issues revealed during the extensive testing we performed on the Prusa Mini.

The adjusted length of the PTFE tube also prevents clogs to form between tube and heat-break.

Now shipping with Silver based thermal grease.

Bondtech Stainless Steel Heat break for Prusa Mini Included in this kit:

  • 1x 32×5.48 mm stainless steel heat-break
  • 1x 35.3 mm 2/4 chamfered PTFE tube
  • 1x Silver based thermal paste bag [14118]


We recommend to use the included silver based thermal grease to properly fit the Bondtech heat-break in the Mini’s heat-sink.

Notes on twisting the heat-break

To address the heat creep issue the design features a narrower section with thinner walls. When removing the heater block or changing nozzles, caution is required.

Before removing the heater block from the heat-break (or vice versa), heat-up the nozzle, hold the heater block and release some tightening pressure from the nozzle. Let the whole group cool down. After, you can simply unscrew the heat-break from the heater block.

To remove or replace a nozzle, never forget to secure the heater block before twisting the nozzle.

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