Azurefilm Flexible Filament Hardness 98A Blue 650g

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Azurefilm Flexible Filament Hardness 98A Blue

Azurefilm Flexible Filament 98A Blue 650g

Flexible Filament White 1.75mm. The hardness of TPU Filament is 98A Shore. Flex Filament is made in Slovenia and is manufactured in 300g coils. The wear resistance of the TPU Filament is 20% better than the ABS Filament and 68% better than the PLA Filament.

Printing temperature: 200°C – 230°C
Table temperature: 60 ° C

Recommended Print Speed:
Upper and lower layer: 10-20 mm / sec (600-1200 mm / min)
Print speed: 15-35 mm / sec (900-2100 mm / min)

Anbefalede temperaturer:

  • Hot end: 200-230 °C
  • Heated bed: 60 °C

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